Domed stickers (also known as 3D stickers or domed decals) are full-colour printed stickers topped with water-resistant and non-yellowing clear epoxy resin used in a variety of industries (such as promotional products, automotive, computer, white goods) for branding and marking products. By adding an exclusive high-definition printed dome stickers you can give your product an extra boost and superb look.

Our company specialize in designing and producing highest-quality epoxy stickers in any shape (circular, oval, rectangular, square, or custom shaped) and size (from 1 sqcm to very large stickers for automotive or boatyard industry). Thanks to the access to European-produced raw materials and our vast printing and finishing experience, we’re absolutely sure we can fulfil all customers’ requirements for custom printed dome stickers.

Our scratch-proof and water resistant doming stickers can be used outdoors and indoors giving you almost unlimited options for displaying your product.

We manufacture standard CMYK-printed resin stickers printed on white background but also a range of domed stickers printed on golden, silver, brushed metal or any other metallic or special surfaces.

We ship our orders for 3D stickers worldwide with DHL or UPS courier service.

Experience our professional service and contact us with your enquiries.

6 steps to order your custom printed domed stickers: