Experts in epoxy domed stickers

Artwork Guidelines:


For bitmap (photographic) designs for the stickers we require the edge of the artwork to be extended 2mm beyond the trim line (finished product size). For example, if you're ordering round-shaped stickers of 50mm diameter, the diameter of the artwork should be 54mm.


We require that the artwork you supply has a resolution of no less than 300dpi. Artwork submitted with resolution lower than 300dpi can produce blurry, bitmapped or pixelated print.


We print domed stickers using CMYK formula or Pantone U* colour reference.
We recommend to order a printed proof for orders with Pantone colours.

Edges of the sticker

As domed stickers cannot be printed with sharp (pointed) corners, a radius (min.2mm) is required to round them.


Please outline (convert to curves) all used fonts before sending us your artwork.

File formats

We accept logos and designs in vector and bitmap formats such as: